Why Vitamix? Is Vitamix A Good Investment For Your Family?

Why is Vitamix  a Healthy Choice?

Of all brands of blenders, why Vitamix? You may ask. Investing in a Vitamix blender offers a lot of benefits, especially if you have the habit of drinking green smoothies. One of the main reasons people opt for this brand is its durability. This heavy-duty machine can blend the toughest ingredients without sacrificing quality.

Would you like to enjoy a perfect, delicious, and healthy green smoothie? Let this blender help you out.

why vitamixWhat is a Vitamix blender? It’s a powerful blender that can produce whole food smoothies, which can be difficult to achieve with an ordinary blender. Keep in mind that smoothies are different from fruit juices. The blender retains the fiber content of the ingredients. The juicer, on the other, no longer has the fiber content of the fruits and vegetables.

Another reason to purchase a Vitamix over other blenders is its ability to blend fibrous foods, such as kale and carrots, and produce smoother consistencies.

Furthermore, you can use this kitchen appliance to blend nuts into home-made nut butters, mix together your favorite vegetables to make soup in record times.  make fresh salsa within minutes, while making ice cream with the same blender!  Did you ever imagine one blender could do all this?

Essentially, Vitamix allows you to make new preparations a lot faster and easier in the kitchen. Consequently,  this blender lets you produce the healthiest meals for your family members.

Where to buy Vitamix?

You can buy a Vitamix blender from the company’s official website. Use this discounted coupon code (06-004806)  to get discounted rates plus FREE Shipping on all Vitamix models at the best affordable price.

Vitamix blender is an ideal kitchen appliance that can assist you in creating nutritious home-made meals. It’s an all-in-one machine that has the capacity to blend, chop, churn and heat. And it can do all these things within a faster speed.

Currently, they offer 32 different models, which include their arsenal of  certified reconditioned blender models.  Buy a Vitamix blender today, any model of your choice, and save on FREE Shipping by adding this coupon code (06-004806) in your shopping cart during checkout.  When it arrives, you can start immediately adding in all whole food ingredients into this machine and start blending them to make a wide array of healthy recipes.

Which Vitamix model is best for you?

Now, the question is which model of Vitamix should you buy?  With so many options available, you will definitely find the perfect blender to suit all your needs in the kitchen. Among the many options, the Classic Series Vitamix 5200 models and the 2.2-peak HP 7500 are the most popular ones.

7500 VitamixIn terms of design or appearance, the Vitamix 5200  is quite taller and skinnier than the 7500 model. Thus, when it comes to storage space, the Vitamix 7500 will fit under most regular kitchen cabinets. With this model, you won’t have a problem storing it under your kitchen counter or cupboard. Keep these factors in mind when purchasing your blender.

The containers of these two models are also different. The 7500 has more room for the blades. That said, the model’s blade diameter is larger than the 5200.

What does it mean to you? It gives whole food ingredients more room during blending resulting in a more consistent blend. And once you’re done blending, it’ll be easier for you to remove the completed meal or recipe.

5200 VitamixAlthough these two models are very powerful kitchen appliances, these units have different horsepower. The newer model, which is the 7500, is equipped with a powerful motor of 2.2 horsepower. But don’t let that persuade you to shy away from the tried-and-true 5200 model with its 2-peak horsepower motor.

Now, for the noise. The newer model is quieter than the 5200 and other older models of Vitamix. Online reviews tell you that the Vitamix 7500 performs quieter than the 5200. This can be caused by the vibration dampening technology applied in the 7500 unit.

When it comes to their price tags, the Vitamix 7500 is more expensive than the 5200 and other older units of this brand.

So, which Vitamix models should you buy for your blending needs? We would recommend getting the newer model, i.e. if you have extra money to spend. However, if money is a main factor, then the 5200 and other older units of Vitamix can be a wonderful option.

For those of you who are savvy spenders, consider buying a Reconditioned Vitamix. They still perform the same way as the brand-new units. The only difference is that the cost of purchasing it becomes more affordable. Reconditioned units of Vitamix go through extensive inspections so when they leave the headquarters and arrive at your front door, you can be sure it’s of the the highest quality.

In conclusion, if you’re still asking the question “which Vitamix should I buy?”  Not only has this company been around for over 70 plus years, it has actually been noted for its recognition on QVC.  The Vitamix 750 blender was showcased during the 2013 Dream House edition on HGTV.  Now that’s something to brag about.

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