Vitamix Sale – 2017 Discounted Prices & FREE Shipping

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Vitamix Sale – How Much Can You Save?

Is this a great deal?  The price tag of a Vita-mix blender is steep enough that some buyers would opt for a cheaper blender that could last only up to a year.  Don’t you worry and let this stop you from ordering the blender you always wanted because we have great news for you with the Vitamix Sale on all Reconditioned Vitamix Blenders!

Vitamix green smoothie blenderYes, this is not a cheap blender because it’s a durable machine that could withstand the test of time for more than 7 years, even much longer form many users. In fact, there have been reports from satisfied customers who bought their blender 20 or more years ago and are still using it today.

Cheap blenders won’t give you the sturdiness and the versatility of a Vitamix blender. It does cost a lot upfront but it will help you save money in the long run.

Since its introduction in 1937, these blenders are popular blending machines in many households. In its most recent years the company added a new line-up of blenders. In fact, there are 34 different models available, not including the 7 additional Refurbished models.

If you’re trying to invest in one of the company’s current models, perhaps to boost your daily nutritional intake, then you’re making the best decision in your life.  As all of their blenders can withstand the toughest ingredients you can throw in them.

Simply put, when you add living plant life such as raw leafy greens, these blending machines masticate whatever you add to the container breaking down the cellular walls of the plants.  In turn, giving your body readily absorbed, maximum nutrient values, bar none!

Looking to Get the Best Price Online for Vitamix’s 5200 or Pro 750?

Look No Further!  Because when we say Vitamix Sale, it means that it’s available at Discounted Prices.

Vita-mix blenders can be found in the certified refurbished models category for the best savings. All products listed can cost between $260 and go up to $580 on their elite Professional Series 750 Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs.

For instance, the standard 5200 that normally costs $450 (or higher),  is only around $330 when you order the  Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Standard.  That’s a savings over $100.

vitamix sale

These refurbished machines include the popular heavy-duty models 5200 and 7500. Their price ranges are more affordable compared with owning a brand new unit.

We recommend ordering a refurbished blender direct from the Vita-Mix company rather than buying on eBay or other coupon sites for getting the best price and warranty!

Not only will Vitamix have the best discounted price, they will guaranteed the unit for 5 full years from the day you register your blender.

Your best option to find the best deal is through the company’s official website. However, you can further lower the cost of these products by using this coupon code (06-004806) to obtain  FREE Shipping.  Just apply the coupon code in your cart during checkout.

In addition to the reconditioned coupon code, you can purchase a blender and pay it off by using the company’s 3 or 5 payment plan. With this plan, you don’t have to shell out all your money at once.

During this Vitamix Sale, when you purchase a refurbished blender from Green Smoothie, you can be sure that you will be receiving a genuine, Certified Vita-mix machine with the manufacturer’s full warranty of  5 years on a Refurbished Vitamix unit.

Why opt for a High-End Blender?

First of all, it’ll give you the opportunity to own a heavy-duty machine at a discounted price. Ultimately, this is the “all-around” blending machine with better quality than those cheaper brands can produce the highest-quality blends imaginable.

Furthermore, these machines can blend all ingredients, be they ice cubes or roasted nuts, within record times.  depending on what exactly you throw in, these blenders will devour the ingredients within seconds or a few minutes.

The company offers a selection of newer models like the Professional Series 750, Professional Series 300, 5300, Creations Elite, and the 7500 that come with an increased 2.2-peak horsepower motor. They are a tad quieter than the older models.

All Vita-mix blenders have just the right amount of controls with variable speeds. The varying speeds let you chop, pulverize or puree different ingredients; thereby, achieving different textures. When it comes to size, all models have sturdy designs and weigh around 11 pounds (or more). They may not be a lightweight blender but it will not move around when you are using it.

Is it really worth the price?

If you have read any of the reviews, this blender is worth the investment. You can use it to make the best smoothies for the entire family. In fact, most smoothie shops are using these high-performance blenders to make the most delicious, nutrient packed smoothies for their customers.

As stated earlier,this brand of blender can handle frozen fruits, ice cubes and any other tough ingredients you throw in it. The first time you get the chance to try out your very own top quality blender, you will be amazed by it. You can easily make smoothies with a flip of a dial. You can put in nuts, leafy greens and other hard vegetables into it and the mixed ingredients will come out as smooth as silk.

Click on the link below to take advantage on these Discounted Recondtioned Blenders.
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