Vitamix Blenders- Why is it the Perfect Kitchen Tool?

Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix BlenderThe history of the Vitamix company extends decades back; in 1939 the company founder William Grover Barnard, simply known as Papa, started selling his first blender. Today the company continues this legacy, with its technology advanced products, with their machines used in both homes and commercial kitchens around the world.

Vitamix prides itself on the fact that all of their products are built in the USA by hand, and that at least 70% of the parts used are USA sourced. This is a brand to seriously look at if one of your concerns is supporting the local economy. But there are, of course, many other factors to consider before deciding on that perfect blender.

Vitamix Price Information

Vitamix make blenders that are priced at the mid to upper ranges, when looked at from the perspective of the home user. They are considered to be high performance, commercial grade blenders, but ones that don’t cost the thousands of dollars that products of such a standard may have a number of years ago.

In short, Vitamix aims to put professional level blenders into the homes of regular people, while also ensuring that they are still up to the task of performing in a professional small business environment as well.

What Type Foods Can A Vitamix Make?

There is a pretty long and impressive list of general food types that can be made by using a Vitamix blender. These include soft and thick drinks like smoothies, juices and milks. You can also create spreads like dips and nut butters, purees, soups, batters, flour and dough; as well as the usual food preparation and creation tasks that one would use a blender for.

The Vitamix website also provides a number of recipes in all types of categories to get you started. These allow a good introduction to the usage and functions of the machine, so that you can then move on to creating your very own recipes that take full advantage of the capabilities of your new Vitamix!

Certainly one of the most appealing points about Vitamix blenders is that they are self cleaning. Far too many people who purchase blenders end up using them very little once the initial excitement has worn off – not because they don’t enjoy using the blender, but simply because they find the cleaning up aspect unpleasant.

To clean a Vitamix machine, you only require a small drop of dishwashing liquid and some warm water, and then wait thirty seconds for the Vitamix self cleaning function to run itself.

Vitamix Models

We will take a look at several of the Vitamix blenders that are currently available, and run through the features and benefits of each one, plus gain an insight into what real life customers are saying about their experiences with each model!

Vitamix 5200

The 5200 model vitamix 5200has a retail price of $549.99, however it is currently possible to pick this up at a considerable discount.

The speed control is variable, allowing you to tailor the speed precisely to the texture and result you’re looking to obtain from your particular ingredients. If you’ve used ingredients that are thicker, heavier or have just decided to put a lot of food in the blender, there is a high speed setting that works the 5200s to its maximum power capability.

Ultimately, the 5200 Vitamix blender ensures that every part of the mixture is evenly processed. The maximum speed that the blade is able to work at is an impressive 240mph.

The container has a capacity of 64oz and is shatterproof – so no need to worry about accidental drops or knocks. The container has been carefully designed with optimal physics in mind.

The idea is to create a vortex as the blender operates, which processes the ingredients by forcing them upwards from the blades, down through the middle of the container. This results in all of the ingredients being processed evenly, and no chunks being left untouched by the blades.

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a seven year warranty, as well as a recipe book to help you get started with some recommended recipes. This is a great way to learn what the blender can do, and how to use it to get the very best results. From there, you can start to get a little more creative with your own customized recipes.

Customer Comments About The Vitamix 5200

Learning about the features of a blender is one thing, but discovering what real users have to say about it will provide you with the insights that can really help you determine if this is the blender for you.

About the 5200, customers at were noting that this machine allowed the creation of healthy, vitamin filled foods in a very short amount of time; as customer “Gingerbread” states when she said that “the Vitamix literally changed my life. As a busy medical student the Vitamix allows me to make nutritious smoothies in minutes and maintain a healthy lifestyle amid a stressful life.”

Another customer at Amazon had some particularly wise words for people who may have second thoughts about spending on the Vitamix 5200s, when there are considerably cheaper blenders out there. Johnny states: “Buy quality and only cry once, buy cheap and cry every time you use it.” Honestly, I don’t miss the $400 I spent last year, but I smile every morning when I have my smoothie.”

Vitamix S30 Blender



Oprah  just recently gave the new Vitamix S30 blender thumbs up for one of her favorite products for 2014!

vitamix blenderVitamix TurboBlend Two Speed

A lower cost option is the Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed blender, which can currently be found for under $400. Despite the lower price, this is also a commercial grade blender, and it is also able to operate its blades at 240mph, just like the 5200, and has an equal capacity container of 64oz.

Customers have noted that this blender is quieter than many others that people have used. Additionally, many are sharing how pleased they are with the fact that they don’t have to pre-chop food before putting it into the blender. This saves a considerable amount of time, but also ensures that you aren’t losing any nutrients from the foods you want to blend, chop, or create smoothies and other items from.

If a Vitamix is still looking to be a little out of your price range however, it is possible to buy the 1782 TurboBlend, as well as other Vitamix blender models at a lower cost by purchasing a refurbished model through the Vitamix certified reconditioning program.

Vitamix Parts and Accessories

Vitamix also sells several parts separately, which makes it convenient to replace or simply to keep an additional spare item on hand. These include a drive socket kit, accelerator/tamper tool, wrench, wet blade assembly, lid plugs, and other accessories and replacement parts that are priced very modestly.

Is There A Vitamix Warranty With Your Purchase?

Vitamix promotes their blenders as a product that you purchase once and keep for life. This can not be said for a lot of lesser quality brands and models on the market today, which far too often suffer from burnout or breakage a few years (or less) after purchase. Despite this, it is still reassuring to know that a generous warranty is provided with your purchase.

The warranty from Vitamix gives you coverage for parts, labor and performance of your product. The warranty length varies between models, but is generally in the vicinity of five or seven years.