Vitamix 750 Best Price – Plus Free Shipping & Bonuses

Why Is Vita Mix 750 The Best Overall Blender?

There is little doubt that if money were no object, the vast majority of people, when shopping for a blender, would buy the Professional Series 750 Blender. Why? Because it is simply the best blender available on the market today.

vitamix 750If in doubt, go online and read the reviews. Every third or fourth review ends with the reviewer commenting how much they wish they’d simply purchased the Pro Series 750 Blender in the first place instead of trying to save money with a lesser brand.

In searching for a truly great blender, consumers ultimately bought the 750 Professional blender, and then lamented the time and money they wasted trying to get something of equal quality for less money.

The moral of this story? You get what you pay for.

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When purchasing this High-Powered machine, you’re getting the sort of old-fashioned, American-made quality that was the standard in the country back in 1937 when Vita Mix manufactured its first blender. The Professional 750 is a workhorse, pure and simple. Warrantied for seven years, it is ruggedly built and powerful enough to be the blender of choice for thousands of coffee shops and restaurants across America.

It is also attractive enough to have found a place on the counters of countless homes where the homeowner is a connoisseur of quality and value.  The 750 Pro comes in three colors:  Brushed Stainless, Black, & Red.

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When asked why consumers chose this blender over any other, purchasers cite reasons such as the following:

  • Sound Quality – When you consider the fact that half the blenders on the market today seem to sound like jet airplanes coming in for a landing, the 750 pro is a breath of fresh air. Even with its 2.2 Peak Horsepower motor, it’s interesting that one of the sturdiest and most powerful blenders available would also be one of the quietest.
  • Versatility – There are very few food items that cannot be tossed into this blender and rendered into a smooth, succulent, and highly drinkable liquid within seconds. From soups to shakes to smoothies, this ultimate machine has the power and the precision to do it all. It effortlessly grinds ice for mixed drinks, makes nut butters (without the need for added oil), and grinds dry items such as flax seeds and coffee beans.
  • Easily Stored – Unlike some taller models, this blender fits under most cabinets because of the low-profile design, making it readily available for use.  Are you tired of trying to find a location for your blender?  No need to struggle anymore with finding space for the blender!  This is the perfect addition to any counter top!
  • Ease of Use – In addition to permitting the user to manually control the processing speed via the pulse function, there are five programmed cycles that accommodate all blending needs. The laser-cut steel blades run at a speed unmatched by other blenders – an astonishing 240 mph – creating a powerful vortex for nearly instantaneous processing.For sure a time saver in the kitchen!  Can you imagine what it must be like to turn the dial to one of the pre-programmed settings and have the blender make the perfect recipe every single time?
  • Self-cleaning – Unlike other models of blenders that must be disassembled to be cleaned or that pose a danger from sharp blades during cleaning, the one is self-cleaning. All that is necessary is to fill the pitcher half full of warm water and add a drop of dish soap. The clean cycle does all the rest – all you have to do is rinse.
  • Health Benefits – Ultimately, this blender is more than just a tool. It is a gateway, the means by which a person enters the world of healthier nutrition. The Pro Vitamix 750 has the power to take diverse and nutritious ingredients and combine them into delicious, nutrient-dense smoothies that deliver far more bio-available nutrition than a person would normally be able to consume.The health benefits conferred from whole, living foods processed into fruit smoothies, green smoothies, soups, butters, etc. are enormous, and would not be possible were it not for the advanced design and superior power.

As is generally the case with any high-end product, consumers can relax where the small things are concerned. Vitamix customer service is unparalleled. Small details have been attended to with great detail: The pitchers are BPA free, and securely fit into the base of the blender.

vitamix 750 pro containerEvery container attaches smoothly and easily whether one is left or right-handed. Plus, the included tamper tool accelerates mixing and is guaranteed not to come into contact with the blades when used properly.

In short, this blender is the Mercedes of blenders, a class act all the way, that will not disappoint. Buy with confidence and perhaps you, too, will be wishing you had done so years sooner.  No other blender can stand up the the superior quality put into this machine.

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Make your next celebration the best ever by purchasing the Ultimate Blender at the Best Price Available Online.


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