Vitamix 750 Review – Discover This Professional Home Appliance

 Vitamix 750 Professional Series – Loved by many because of ease-of-use!

This Vitamix 750 review will give you insight on why this blender is a workhorse appliance with so many 5 star reviews.

The Vitamix company got its start in the early twentieth century. From the beginning it has been known as a leader in the industry of blending appliances. Their designs were appreciated for their durability and their effectiveness.

The long-lasting appliances were so reliable they were able to be passed from one generation to another. After mastering the residential market, they moved into the commercial field, but their home blenders still remained the top product they offered.

The Modern Vitamix Blender

vitamix 750 reviewThe vitamix 750 is an updated version of the popular Vitamix blender and is in the Next Generation Programs Series.  Over nearly a century the company continuously updated and made improvements to their initial design to create a blender that is visually appealing and works in a way no other brand of blender is able.

According to every vitamix 750 review there is a large list of benefits offered by this professional appliance.

The all new Professional 750 Heritage Collection comes in a copper metal finish (as seen in image on right), or brushed stainless metal finish.  Both metal finishes come with a superior finish to help reduce scratches and fingerprints.

You can click on the blender image to purchase your very own blender to grace your kitchen decor and counter-top.

Vitamix 750 Review -Key Points on this Professional Series

  • Multiple settings make it easy to blend a number of foods to the perfect consistency. It is designed to make soup, smoothies and purees perfectly without guessing or repeated attempts.
  • It offers a self-cleaning option that will eliminate any messes in under a minute, without the need to disassemble to machine.
  • The six-foot electrical cord stores easily under the base.
  • It includes a spacious 64-ounce shatterproof container that is guaranteed to be BPA-free.
  • The 2.2-peak horsepower motor is quieter than previous models by 40 percent and is free from the risk of overheating due to its radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.

Popular Uses for Vitamix

  • Create purees and healthy homemade baby food.
  • Pancakes, cookies and bread doughs as well as other baked goods can be mixed with the blender.
  • Healthy and fresh green smoothies and fruit smoothies whip up quickly each time.
  • Homemade coconut and almond milk can be made with minimal ingredients.
  • Fresh whole-fruit juice can be made with very little waste, without sugar and with any combinations of fruit.
  • Can be used to help prepare every meal including mashed potatoes and frittata for lunch or dinner.

How to Find Savings

Some home cooks may worry about the price of a new Vitamix. It is an investment that can seem much more than a traditional blender. Of course, that is because this is not a common blender, but one that will be reliable and in use for years, possibly decades. There are a couple of options for homeowners on a budget to consider.

Look for sales and discounts. There are numerous retailers that offer occasional discounts. A typical vitamix 750 sale may offer 10-20 percent off the regular retail price. Some companies offer coupon codes for discounted or free shipping on the blenders as well, although it is often possible to find free shipping through the retailers.

Additional coupon codes are not usually available, as Vitamix does not generally offer this type of discount.


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Purchase a refurbished model. A better option to waiting for a specific model to go on sale is to find one that has been refurbished.  A vitamix 750 refurbished blender will be as much as 50 percent cheaper than a new one, but will still have the strength, reliability and durability of a new model.

The machines can be purchased from Vitamix or from a number of other retailers who offer certified reconditioned models.

Certified models are those that have been repaired or inspected in the Vitamix factory. Every part is guaranteed to have been returned to new standards. In nearly every vitamix 750 review, the refurbished models have scored as favorably as their new counterparts.

The refurbished 750 Vitamix is available in the colors: (Black, Stainless Steel, and Ruby).

The Value of Vitamix

Whether a Vitamix is bought new, on sale or refurbished, there are a number of ways the blender helps families to eat healthier and save money on their grocery bill. The blenders make it simple to create homemade sauces, desserts and meals instantly.

butternut-squash-soupPerfectly mixed soups, pureed baby food and so much more can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Spreads and specialty items like almond milk can be made from scratch. It reduces grocery bills because people can make their own meals, rather than buying everything from the grocery store.

The freshest ingredients can be used and each person will know exactly what they are getting in every meal. It makes it easier to avoid processed foods made with chemicals and preservatives.

Saving money, eating healthier and having the tools necessary to create nearly any recipe is what the Vitamix offers the home cook. The vitamix 750 professional review lists the model as the top product for everyone, no matter what their level of cooking ability may be.

It is a high-end appliance that is as attractive as it functional. It is easy to operate successfully and have the perfect consistency every time. The hide-away cord make it simple to store and the self-cleaning feature saves time and effort.

We hope this Vitamix 750 Review gave you some more insight on this super blender.  Let us know by leaving a comment.

This is a very dependable blender you will use everyday.  It’s worth every penny of your investment today.  Everything you expect from a blender will be packaged and delivered directly to your home as soon as you order the elite Professional Series 750 model.  Don’t forget to add this Promo Code (06-004806) in your shopping cart during checkout for Free Shipping.