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The Nutribullet Reviews: Why So Many Users Are in Love With Their Systems

If you have not yet been introduced, the Nutribullet Blender is a powerful machine that is both a little bit of a juicer and a little bit of a blender. The company that makes them refers to them as extractors. The appliance is able to take fresh fruits and vegetables and blend them into a smooth shake without any waste. This portable system is the answer for anyone who wants to begin incorporating healthy smoothies into their diet.

These extractors first gained attention when the original Magic Bullet hit store shelves. The Nutribullet is made with the same technology as the original bullet, but a little larger and more powerful.

How it Works

Nutribullet reviews


The Nutribullet has a patented blade design that, when paired with its cyclonic blending action, makes it more powerful than any other machine on the market. Unlike other blenders that require users to remove seeds and peels, the Nutribullet is powerful enough to incorporate both into whatever shake or smoothie the user is trying to make.



Since so much of the nutrients are found in the peels and seeds, the Nutribullet makes it possible for everything you make to be even healthier than it would by using a traditional blender or juicer. It can even be used to blend flax seeds into smoothies without leaving any grit or unpleasant texture.

About Extracted Food

When you shop for or read about the Nutribullet, you will generally see a reference to it being a food extractor, but many times this is not explained. When discussing extracted food, the manufacturer or reviewer is referring to how the food, once pulverized, is basically in its beginning digestion stage. The vitamins, minerals, and fiber have been extracted from their original, solid form and converted to a liquid. This makes it easier for the body to finish digesting it, and easier for the body to absorb the nutrients it needs quickly.

What is Included

When you purchase a Nutribullet, you get the powerful blender base, two types of blades, and three cups. There are also recipe booklets, reusable lids, a user manual, and much more. The blender is typically sold as a 12-piece set. You will also get a full one-year warranty and a nutrition guide.

Common Product Reviews

It is very easy to find nutribullet reviews online that explain how easy and effective this machine is. It is popular with people who have years of experience juicing and with those new to the entire shake/smoothie experience. It has also become a popular tool for moms looking for a fast and easy way to create their own homemade baby food. Since most blenders are only able to blend cooked vegetables smoothly, the nutribullet is unique as it can make fresh, raw foods for babies as well.

In addition to the Nutribullet blender there are 4 other unique Magic Bullets models available

No nutribullet review is complete without someone mentioning the other blenders the company makes. This is because all of their products have been equally as popular as this model.

nutribullet pro

1)  Nutribullet Pro

The Nutibullet Pro, which is an amped-up version of the Nutribullet comes equipped with 900 Watts of power ready to break down the toughest fruits and vegetables.  Thinking of adding smoothies to your daily routine?  With the Nutribullet Pro you can whip a powerful nutrient drink fast and easy.



 2)  Magic Bullet

magic bulletThe Magic Bullet is small enough to store in any space, but powerful enough to pulverize ingredients in just seconds.   This was one of the first personal blenders designed to replace the food processor and electric juicer, in turn giving more space on the kitchen counters.  This compact blender was highly promoted through ads on TV, infomercials, and sold in retail stores, “As seen on TV.”


baby bullet

3)  Baby Bullet

The collection also includes a specific model designed just for making baby food known as the Baby Bullet. Your baby will enjoy homemade fresh organic fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apple sauce, and bananas made so easy you will never need to buy canned baby food again!




dessert bullet4)  Dessert Bullet

Looking to whip up fun and healthy desserts?   Introducing the Dessert Bullet.  Within seconds you can treat your family to homemade ice cream or frozen desserts which won’t have the added fats and sugars as most of the brands in your local supermarket carry.  Your kids will start begging you to make them nutritious desserts on a regular basis so be prepared!




 Who it Benefits

It is not just athletes, health fanatics, or dieters who need to try this type of machine. Anyone with any type of health problem can benefit from the Nutribullet. Because it is so easy to digest and enjoy the shakes made from the Nutribullet, it is a handy device for any family to have.

The superfood recipes the company recommends with their systems can help to improve health, and may even treat some diseases. It makes good nutrition possible for the elderly and ill who have a difficult time chewing and digesting solid foods.

How it Saves Money

piggy bankIt always sounds silly to tell people to save money by spending money but, in this case, it is true. With the Nutribullet, there is no waste. You can eat every part of your fruits and vegetables. This is not possible with a juicer, and it is not likely to happen when the produce is eaten whole. It also saves money because people are able to make their own smoothies and shakes at home, rather than buying them at retail prices.

Finally, there is the potential reduction in health care costs, since being healthy is often much less expensive than treating diseases like high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease.

Other Benefits it Offers

If great tasting smoothies and shakes, amazing nutritional value, and saving you money is not enough, there are even more Nutribullet benefits. The unit is easy to operate and safe for children to use with parental supervision. It is much more compact in size than a traditional juicer or blender, so it is easy to store and requires less counter space.

It is also modern and attractive enough to leave out on the counter. Its clever design still allows the user to make large servings and, with its resealable lids, you can easily save leftovers for later. It is also dishwasher safe, and comes apart easily for a fast and simple cleaning.

The Nutribullet is a blender, mixer and juicer all in one, but it is even more than that. This efficient, powerful machine makes it easy to stick to diets, create healthy snacks for the whole family, and have fun while learning more about good nutrition.