Ninja Smoothie Blender – How to Make Perfect Smoothies

Can a Ninja smoothie blender produce a decent smoothie?

Ninja smoothie blenderWhatever ingredients you want to include in making a perfect smoothie, this blending machine can help you produce, not just healthy drink, but also a smoothie full of flavor.

There are only three things you need to produce a healthy smoothie: knife, cutting board and a blender. When you already have these three, the rest is easy.

There are various options that you can choose from when deciding on which blender to buy. Ninja is one of the brands on the market that manufacture high-performing blending machines. It is not a high-end blender, like Vitamix. However, if you cannot afford to shell out at least $500, then you can just stick to Ninja’s blenders. They can still offer you a powerful machine without the high cost.

Ninja smoothie maker is not the same as the cheap blenders that you can find everywhere. Although this is made in China, it is a quality machine. Most owners of cheap brands complained of experiencing leaking problems and making purees or juice, rather than smoothies. But this is not an issue with Ninja smoothie machine.

What to expect from a Ninja blender

If you are like some people who cannot buy a Vitamix or Blendtec, then a Ninja blending machine is your answer. As previously mentioned, it may be cheaper than a higher-end machine but it can provide you with amazing results each time.

When you receive your Ninja blending machine, you will usually find these items in the box: the container with two blades and a lid, single-serve cups, an extra blade and the base. The blades can perform different functions. You can use one for chopping ingredients while the other blade can be used for crushing vegetables.

How powerful the blades are? They are enough to grind coffee beans, nuts, meat and other hard ingredients. Although they have that power, they can be as gentle as you want them to be so you can produce smoothies out of using the Ninja smoothie blender.

The base of this machine is sturdy enough that it can last for more than a year. Some blenders require you to hold the lid. This is to avoid it flying away when in operation.

The single-serve cup is great if you are making single serving of certain Ninja smoothie recipes. It is not difficult to attach the cup as it securely fastens to the base with one click. The lid of this machine will help you make a delicious recipe without having the ingredients splashing all over your kitchen.

How to make perfect smoothies using a Ninja smoothie blender

In addition to having high-performing blenders, like Ninja and other brands, there are other things that you need and must do to prepare perfect smoothies. One of these things is to ice up your fruit. It does not matter whether it is banana or avocado. You must solidify the fruit to create a perfect smoothie. However, if you forgot to place the ingredients into your freezer, you could just add ice cubes into the mixture to make the mixture more refreshing.

If there is a need to add protein powder to your recipes when using a Ninja blender, you must first blend the ingredients before you add the powder. You must do this as the components of a protein powder, especially whey protein, are easily damaged when you over-blend it.

When you chose to add flax seeds, it would be great to opt for the ground seeds, rather than the oil.Β  Why? Adding ground seeds to the mixture will change the consistency of the entire smoothie.

If you are making smoothies to help you lessen your calorie intake, then you must avoid adding more milk to the recipe. To thin out the smoothie, you may add water or more ice but avoid putting more juice or soy milk.

To make your smoothie recipes healthier, you may add lecithin. It is known as a perfect ingredient in boosting memory. Then, if you want to increase the fiber content of your drink, adding wheat, oatmeal or oat bran is advisable. But make sure that you only add one to two tablespoons of it. Adding more than that may increase the calorie content of your drink.

Before you add your frozen ingredients, you must first add water to the blender. Then, put the unfrozen fruit. Blend them to make a liquid. If the mixture has been liquefied, that is the time to add your frozen fruit.

Although the Ninja smoothie blender does not require you to chop the ingredients first, you may try slicing them up to find out the difference. It is really your preference. Chopping them first before putting them in the container will give you higher chances of have well-blended smoothie recipes using a Ninja blending machine.

We wish you the best with choosing a high-performance blender.Β  Get your very own today and make this year a healthy and happy one. πŸ™‚