Must See Smoothie Recipes By POPSUGAR Fitness

Just posted by POPSUGAR Fitness, Leta Shy Associate Editor, Fitness – gives some of the best recipes for healthy smoothies.

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Here at Green Smoothie Blenders we are always looking for super healthy & delicious tasting smoothie recipes for our followers.  Leta Shy from popsugar posted a smoothie article that can help with simple cures including skin disorders, bloating, and hangovers.

We put together a list of 15 nutritious and great tasting smoothies found on POPSUGAR Fitness site and summed them up with a brief description.

  1. Monkey Flip Smoothie Ideally for re-hydration after a hard, sweaty workout.
  2. Cracked Oats and Flaxseed Smoothie – Drink before engaging in the strenuous workout.  Gives the necessary nutrients to make it to the end of the exercise routine.
  3. Banana Berry Smoothie – This natural sweet drink helps the body recover quicker after long workouts.
  4. Orange Green Smoothie –   Good for boosting the metabolism.  Loaded with fiber and natural vitamins.
  5. Cherry Smoothie – With its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s great for swollen muscles associated with strenuous workouts.  Full of fiber and animal-free protien.
  6. Banana Choco-Malt Smoothie – Craving something sweet but nutritious?  Can’t go wrong with this dessert-like smoothie.  Loaded with healthy fiber.
  7. Banana Bread Smoothie – Who doesn’t like banana bread?  Here’s a smoothie alternative loaded with protein power helpful for losing weight.
  8. Tropical Coconut Water Smoothie – Another great tasting smoothie for helping the body rehydrate.
  9. Lean Green Smoothie – Loaded with beneficial vitamins such as Vitamin C.  This smoothie is super for scaring the seasonal colds away.
  10. Apple Banana Cinnamon Smoothie – Want to get rid of some extra pounds around the waist line?  This one is loaded with protein, fiber, and calcium which is perfect for losing some extra pounds.
  11. Smoothie Bowl – Want to start the morning off with a vitamin packed meal?  This berry smoothie combines the perfect ingredients to get the day going in the right direction.
  12. Detox Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie – Need to cleanse the body?  The Lemon is known to to cleanse the body naturally and adding strawberries and spinach is an incredible way to boost you immune system.
  13. Cranberry Smoothie – Not only is this smoothie good for your urinary tract but it also is a good anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants benefits.
  14. Vegan Chocolate Shake –  Hold on is what we say!  Wait till you see the powerful ingredients in this smoothie.
  15. Avocado-Pear Smoothie – Great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C, and soluble fiber.

Look at this 2 minute video below on how to navigate on the popsugar site so you can print out as many smoothie recipes you would like to try.  It’s definitely worth taking a look at!


Michele Foley from POPSUGAR is also a fitness editor who posted an article on “Green Detox Juice Recipe” which helps cleanse the major organs in your body.  The recipe is listed as a juice but if you don’t own a juicer you can easily use your blender to make it a vitamin boosting smoothie.

Popsugar makes the mark on the Green Smoothie Blenders Site as one of the top sites for Smoothie Recipes.

Definitely a super site for living a healthier lifestyle.  The sight is generally for the ladies but even men can find many beneficial posts.

The site is comprised of everyday lifestyle categories.  In the Food tab section alone you can pick up all sorts of tips on Recipes, Cooking Basics, Party Planning, Food News, Food Video, Edible Gift Ideas, and The Best of 2014.

Popsugar also gives up to date posts on celebrities, fashion, beauty, and entertainment.  Plus pointers on the topic of “Love.”

Moms, on the other hand, can get some pointers and good reads on parenting, pregnancy, food & fun, kid shopping, family life,and  communities,  In fact Lisa Horten, Associate Editor for Moms @ POPSUGAR, posted 15 helpful smoothie breakfast recipes for the hectic mornings.

Let us know the recipes you tried and enjoyed drinking from the POPSUGAR site by leaving a comment below.

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