Refurbished Blenders

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Refurbished Blenders Give You The Best Deal and Cost Savings

So you’re looking to purchase a blender to use at home, and have your eye on a nice modern model, but noticed that the price is a little beyond what you were wanting to spend? Making compromises on features and quality is something that most people end up doing; but this often leads to disappointment and regret some time down the track (often sooner, rather than later).

Buying a used blender through a private sale is an option, but you never really know what you’re getting in that situation. Inheriting someone Else’s problem blender will only lead to frustration and wasted cash. On the other hand, considering a blender from a reputable source can certainly be a very viable option.

Vitamix Reconditioned Blenders

What Is A Refurb Blender?

These type of blenders are those which have either been returned by a customer not long after purchase, or have been used as a demonstration model in a store (so effectively may never have been operated at all). These models are then inspected, fixed or repaired as required, and then tested before being put up for sale as a refurbished blender in near brand new condition, but at an often considerably discounted price.

There are both private providers of refurbished appliance services, as well as official programs run by the brands themselves, such as those on offer by Blendtec and Vitamix. These official services generally provide a full warranty on refurbished products, effectively giving you the same level of protection as you receive when buying brand new.

Vitamix Refurbished Blenders

Vitamix, a company that is highly regarded for its quality blender products, has its own certified reconditioned service. These models have been carefully and thoroughly tested by technicians at Vitamix, to ensure that they are operating at perfect levels before being sold at a discount in comparison to a fully brand new product of the same model.

The process of verifying and accepting an individual blender for sale as a refurbished product at Vitamix involves the technicians stepping through a long checklist of requirements that must be tested for and passed. The idea of this process is to inspect each blender for any broken or malfunctioning parts. These are replaced, along with lids, containers and the cookbooks, and packaged into a product that is virtually brand new. The pricing discount can be considerable.

The Vitamix certified reconditioned blenders are highly popular amongst consumers; and for great reason. So once you’ve seen one that you like the look of, there is generally very little time to waste in laying your claim to it.

Blendtec Refurbished Blenders

Blendtec Refurbished BlendersBlendtec is another trusted and well known blender manufacturer who has its own official refurbished product department. Blendtec Certified Refurbished blenders have been professionally inspected and certified as meeting the strict quality standards of the company. Blendtec includes its seven year warranty with all refurbished blenders, which gives you the same level of protection as when purchasing a completely brand new model.

How much money can you save when purchasing a certified refurbished blender from Blendtec? Whilst their refurbished stock constantly changes, some examples right now show that excellent savings can be made if you consider a refurb Blendtec model. As an example, a refurbished Total Blender Classic, which normally has a recommended retail price of of $399.95 when purchased brand new, can be obtained for under $280 as a refurbished model; with the same seven year warranty.

If you had a desire to step up to something like the Designer series from Blendtec though, which is a more expensive professional model, costing $449.95 brand new, the cost might have dissuaded you (or simply made it impossible) to own such an advanced blender. A refurb of the Designer series model however, brings the financial investment right down to $379.95 (lower than the cost of a new Classic).

So there is next to no reason not to seriously consider a certified refurbished blender from Blendtec if saving money is high on your agenda, but when you don’t want to take the risk or compromise on quality to get your hands on the blender you really want.

So Should You Buy A Refurbished Blender?

You could say it is exceptionally smart to consider a refurbished or reconditioned blender, for more reasons than one. First, you gain access to more expensive, advanced models than you normally would be able to purchase if you have set yourself a budget. And of course, when taking advantage of the certified and official refurbish programs that are available through reputable companies such as Blendtec and Vitamix, you receive their regular warranty and guarantee, so there is no risk involved.

With all of this in mind, are there any downsides to purchasing a refurbished blender? The greatest risk comes with buying from unauthorized sources. In these instances, you can often not be certain where the blender has originally come from, how old it might be, and importantly, what exactly has been done to recondition it. Were official manufacturer parts used, or were cheaper imitations used in order to save on costs? These are all factors to consider when determining where, and from whom, to purchase a refurbished blender product from.

One other reason that people may hesitate in purchasing a refurbished blender is due to its external appearance. In some cases, items may be put up for sale as reconditioned simply because they have some form of external damage, wear or deformity. This can include small scratches or dents, for example. Reputable dealers will only sell such products if the aesthetic issues are minimal and do not impact on the functioning of the blender.

So if you’re in the market for a blender right now, ask yourself if paying full price is the best option when you have at your fingertips the choice of buying a certified refurbished model, of likely more advanced capability than the one that you might otherwise be able to afford. This opens up a new world of options when it comes to preparing food and drinks, and can mean the difference between an average result and a recipe that turns out exactly as you wanted it to.

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