Blendtec Stealth Review – Pros and Cons

A Blendtec Stealth Mixing Station Technology Review

blendtec stealth review


In this Blendtec Stealth Review you will find out if this is the most advanced blender on the market to make the same drinks you will find in high end juicing bars?  Fruits and vegetables are a very important part of everyone’s diet and should be enjoyed with every breakfast. Unfortunately, most of the juice available in grocery stores is so loaded with sugar and extra ingredients any nutritional value is completely ruined.


Even worse, the process used to extract juice from produce on a commercial level strips nearly all of the vitamins and minerals away. What is left for manufacturers to bottle is little more than colored sugar-water. This isn’t what most parents want to feed their children each morning or supplement their own diet with.

The only answer is to invest in a high-quality mixing station and start producing delicious fruit and vegetable juice for everyone in the family.

What is it?

The blendtec stealth commercial blender is a high-quality appliance for professional of in-home use. With this appliance anyone can take fresh fruit and vegetable and create delicious and nutritious juice and smoothies the whole family can enjoy. The produce is picked fresh from the grocery store at a reasonable price.

After being processed it can be blended to make amazing juice blends. Because the produce isn’t boiled or treated in any way there is no loss of nutrition. All the vitamins and minerals that belong in a serving of juice are exactly where they belong, in the juice.

Who needs it?

Anyone interested in staying healthy and eating better can benefit from a high-quality mixing station or blender. Every parent knows that a healthy snack is important before a big sporting event or test. processed snack full of processed sugar and preservatives might provide some calories but there’s very little nutrition to be had.

A delicious fruit and vegetable smoothie is a much better choice for young bodies and minds. Even parents can start making better choices in their diet. Rather than grabbing a carton of juice from the grocery store parents can make their own juice at home and gain all the benefits of a real serving of fruit. Everyone wins and everyone get the nutrition they need to have a great day from start to finish.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of good reasons to consider investing in a blender or mix station but there are also a lot of reasons not to choose a certain brand or model Here are a few reasons why the Blendtec Stealth is the perfect solution.

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Blendtec Stealth Review – Quiet Commercial Blender

Quality: Commercial quality isn’t for everyone, just for those who want to get the most out of their investment. Standard quality appliances are fine for most homes. A typical refrigerator can last decades before it needs to be replaced. A commercial-quality appliance is completely different. Advanced features and high durability components make it easy to see why commercial appliances are worth the extra cost.


Power: Lower power mixers are great for small drinks. Mixing a cocktail is fine with a small blender but there are plenty of things a smaller unit isn’t capable of. Crushing ice or tougher produce would destroy a typical mixer. In order to blend perfectly, the unit needs at least a three horsepower motor. This makes iced drinks a breeze and really cuts down on the amount of time spent making drinks. A high-power motor is a must for any blender or mixing station.

Style: Having options for style make it easy to fit the perfect mixer into the perfect kitchen. Three different colors are available and look great on nearly any counter top.

Sound: Blenders are loud and everyone knows it. It’s almost impossible to reduce the amount of sound produced by a blender but it’s a lot easier to stop the noise from leaving the mixer. A proprietary sound barrier means everyone in the house can enjoy a fresh smoothie but not everyone in the house has to hear it being made.

Size: Although commercial appliances come with great features and lost longer, those pros come at a cost. Commercial appliances are usually larger than their standard cousins. Smaller blenders fit nicely in cupboards and even on the counter top. At just under eighteen inches high the Stealth may require some rearrangement in order to fit on a counter or in a cupboard.

blendtec stealth


Ease of use: For those interested in just making a better diet choice a commercial appliance may not be a good fit. When working with a variety of produce it’s great to have more options. Unfortunately, those features can be very complicated and could lead to some frustration. Programmable buttons and custom programs might be difficult to grasp but with time it’s easy to start creating the perfect juice or smoothie without having to read the instruction manual or look up recipes.



Buying a commercial mixer is an investment that can pay off for years to come. Purchasing the right mixer isn’t a challenge but it’s a good idea to do a little research before spending the money on one.

Online communities offer help for beginners and some valuable information that could be helpful. Checking out these communities and reading a blendtec stealth review could help answer a few questions and help make the decision to invest in a mixer much easier.

Getting feedback from a real person rather than a sales representative can be much more helpful and often helps users decide on the perfect model and brand of mixer they will be using to eat better and get more out of the food they already enjoy.