Blendtec Reviews – Don’t Buy Until You Read

Does This Blender Offer Real Value?

In this blender review, we’ll discuss the real value of owning this type of blender. Many owners know how important this kitchen appliance is in preparing healthy snacks and juices as it allows them to make smooth, delectable veggie and fruit smoothies. It can also be utilized to produce whole juices, rather than drinking processed fruit juice.

Blendtec BlenderThis article will help you appreciate the convenience of having this affordable yet high-powered blender.

There are so many customers who are pleased with this product. For instance, satisfied customers made the Total Blender Classic a must-have kitchen appliance if you want to create awesome nutritious smoothies and fresh, whole juices. Once you own it, it’ll surely become a permanent unit on your kitchen counter because of its sleek style.

If you have kids, they’re going to love the smooth texture of the thick smooth drink it consistently produces and it doesn’t matter what ingredients you throw in. The fiber chunks or the slushy texture, which you’re so worried about when using other blenders, will become non-existent. Simply put, these blenders deliver the same silky smoothie that you get in a smoothie shop.

These machines will make the perfect smoothies!  You will never need to worry about “stalks” being left behind.  What is worse than swallowing a drink with a thick and stringy texture going down your throat?

What are its features?

Blendtec’s blenders is one of the most powerful blenders on the market today. Most of its models are sleek and trendy that you won’t be embarrassed displaying them on your kitchen counter for your friends to see. Every model  is designed to produce just the right texture of smoothies, shakes, soups, sauces, ice cream, cappuccinos and a lot more.


blentec motor

In many reviews, you’ll find that this brand of liquidizer offers a powerful horsepower. Its Designer Series 675  unit, for instance, can give you 3.8 peak horsepower. That’s more than enough to mix and liquidize almost anything. Do you need to turn ice cubes into slush? This brand of mixer can provide you with that.


Another best feature of this brand as discussed in several Consumer reports is its speed. Again, let’s use Total Blender as an example. This model of Blendtec has a maximum capacity of about 4,080 RPM and it can spin up to 310 miles an hour. This means that it can mix and liquidize any type of ingredients put into it within a matter of seconds.


The blade on these blenders is designed for heavy use. The stainless blades offer precision angles that can guarantee more power when you turn on the machine and start liquidizing the ingredients.

Smart technology

blendtec reviews

It just makes your blending task a lot easier as it can effortlessly turn any type of ingredients into a perfect liquidized mixture. Plus, its preprogrammed buttons allow you to speed or slow things down with just a push of a button.

What are some of the complaints?

Surely you would expect someone to be complaining about something from this brand. And one of the most common objections about this product is its loudness during operation. But the noise level is just standard for every blender. In fact, Blendtec’s blenders is quieter than other high-powered mixers on the market. Although it’s quite loud, you don’t have to leave the room when you’re using it.

You’ll also read comments in several reports about the jar being prone to scratches. Although this is quite true, it’ll only happen if you don’t follow the cleaning instructions provided in the owner’s manual. And if you use abrasive cleaning materials in removing the dirt, then you can be sure that you’ll be scratching the jar. Thus, to avoid it, make sure that you use cloth and paper towel.

Another complaint for a lot of homeowners is its price point. It’s usually the biggest issue when it comes to deciding which type of blender to purchase. However, you can always choose a Certified Blendtec Refurbished blender.  Blendtec offers a great selection of refurbished blenders helping you save tons of money, in turn, giving you the opportunity to own one of the best blenders available.

What can you expect to pay?

The price may vary depending on the model you want to purchase. Brand new you can pick up a blender starting around $400. The most expensive unit is around $1000. If you want to purchase it at much lower price, as stated earlier, go with a certified reconditioned blender.  Nevertheless, the prices of these units fluctuate.

All in all, the majority of votes declared that this brand of blender is a powerful machine that can truly deliver. Our conclusion:  We recommend it to anyone who wants to have a kitchen appliance that is an overall good investment especially if you want to start making delicious, healthy smoothies and meals.