Best Blender for Green Smoothies – Finding the Finest Machine

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How to find the best blender for making green smoothies

With several options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best blender for green smoothies that suit your needs. But finding the best blender for making smoothies is really all about choosing the one that offers you the functions that you’re looking for.

If you want to own the best blender for smoothies, you need to spend your money in a good quality liquidizer. This may mean investing in high-priced models. And always remember that the right blender can make a whole world of difference to your smoothies in texture and taste. You will want a model that can handle not just fine ingredients but also those toughest food items.

What are the best blenders for smoothies according to brand?

Best blender for green smoothiesPeople who are passionate about making green smoothies know that there are only two brands that they can rely on when it comes to this subject. These are Vitamix and Blendtec. When comparing these two, you’ll need to know how you’re going to use this kitchen appliance. Is it only for smoothies? Or you also want to employ it when making salsa?

blentec green smoothieEach brand has its own pros and cons. Your first move is to decide which one offers the functions and features that meet your needs. For instance, every Vitamix blender has all the power you need to handle even the toughest ingredients. Or you can go with any Blendtec blender series to provide you with enough power to liquidize ingredients in seconds.

What are the most important features of the best smoothie blenders?

As previously mentioned, each brand of blenders has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it always boils down to what you want to do with this kitchen appliance. However, the most important feature that you should consider when looking for the best smoothie maker is power. It must have adequate amount of power to blend smoothies, sauces, salad dressings, and icy drinks all within the same blender.

Vitamix blades-standardThen, there’s the blade. Since you’re making a smoothie, you’d like your blender to produce rich with milkshake-like texture even after adding ice cubes. Therefore, you must choose a blender that comes with tougher ice crushing blades that can blend and squash ice and other drinks.

It must also use pulse operation technology and must come with at least 3 speeds. Its steel blade must be stainless to make it easier to maintain the entire unit.

A blender with direct drive motor is most durable. You must also consider this factor when looking for the right green smoothie blender. A lot of blenders out there in the market place don’t offer the direct drive motor and usually falter when trying to load it with the basics to making the perfect green smoothie.

How much is the best blender for green smoothies?

This kitchen appliance is an economical unit you can display and use in your kitchen. It offers value as a kitchen tool. But its prices vary depending on several factors. You can find a blender that can cost you around $100. However, the best blender for green smoothies can be found in a price range of $300-$1000. This means that you must pay for more than $100 if you want a heavy-duty blender that comes with a powerful motor and several features to further assist you in making smoothies.

The best blender for making smoothies always come with a durable motor and blades that are sharp enough to easily cut, blend and liquidize the toughest ingredients.

Vitamix and Blendtec offer amazing motors and remarkable features, even though they are available with an expensive price tag. But you also have to consider the other functions of the unit you’d like to purchase. Besides the price and blending options, you may also want to pay for a unit that can do a variety of things that are beyond making smoothies.

For instance, both Blendtec and Vitamix models have the ability to heat up ingredients making them perfect for making your favorite vegetable soup recipe. You may also use these units to make home-made ice cream or nut butters too! Or create homemade almond or rice milk, perhaps.

Because Vitamix and Blendtec have hefty price tags, you can always consider refurbished units. These two brands, Blendtec or Vitamix offer refurbished models that are available in a more affordable price. They are not of low-quality. They still have the same value and durability of brand-new models. However, they have been returned to the manufacturer for some reason. Then, the company cleans and checks them to make sure that they can still function as brand-new.

That said, they can still perform in excellent condition without the expensive price tag that comes with new models. Plus, they are available with 5yr(Vitamix) or 7yr(Blendtec) warranties.

The best blender for green smoothies doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, it must have the functionalities that you need to help you produce the most delicious and richest smoothies.

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