2016 Vitamix & Blendtec Holiday Super Deals

After РHolidays  Sales Event

Vitamix just extended its After Holiday Blender Sales Event – BEST Money Saving Deals!!


Save Now With Our Best After ♥  Holidays Deals by Vitamix!!  ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!

  • Get Extra Savings on a New full size blender by Vitamix .¬† Plus special bonuses included!¬† Only while supplies last.
  • ¬†Or, Get the Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender¬† for just $479.¬† Originally priced at $559.00.¬† This 2.2 peak horse power blender is perfect for Entertaining the family or guests :).¬† Also included with this package is the low profile 64 ounce container.¬† Make your favorite dips, spreads, batters, juices, and many more delicious recipes with this powerful blender.
  • Need more savings?¬† The Certified Reconditioned Next Generation¬† is the top pick for many users.¬† This price is unbeatable!¬† Just $349 while inventory last!!

Certified Reconditioned Two-Speed NOW $199

Certified Reconditioned s30  NOW $199

Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs NOW $299


4. ‚ėÖSave up to $90.00 Dollars off on New Qualifying Models‚ėÖ¬†¬† Get Your Vitamix Now!¬† The World’s Best Blender!

Vitamix and Blendtec Blenders  Sales Event!!!

The 2016 holiday season is going to be your best savings ever!  Both Vitamix & Blendtec will be slashing prices and giving you unbeatable deals this holiday season.

Have you been kicking around the idea of purchasing a high performance blender just like the professional chefs use?¬† Look no further.¬† Here’s your opportunity to make this 2016 Black Friday shopping experience fast & easy with the best prices online on selected blender models offered by Vitamix and Blendtec.¬† But hurry, this is only while the limited supplies last!

We have put together a breakdown of cost savings you will receive on this one time a year sales event.  Check it out below.

Vitamix Holiday Deals

By using the Promotion Code Р(06-004806) in your shopping cart during checkout, you will receive a free book, with healthy recipes ranging from smoothies, soups, and juices when purchasing any blender of your choice!  Plus FREE Shipping!

2017 Vitamix After Holidays Sale

2016 vitamix black friday

Holiday Sale for U.S. Customers Only

 Vitamix has their Touch Screen  780 blender for just $649.   Most advanced responsive  blender with 5 pre-programmed settings!

 Note:  When ordering the Vitamix 780 (CLICK HERE)  The model 780 blender by Vitamix comes with the LED Control Panel.  Looking to impress your friends and family?  Look no further.  This is the top blender by popular demand.  Make 2017 healthier with a Vitamix blender!

Diving deeper into the Vitamix 780 Model

What do you get?  This blender has  pre-programmed features.  Giving you 5 settings for making Smoothies, Hot Soups,  Frozen Desserts, Purée Recipes, & Cleaning feature.  With the pre-programmed features you can actually walk away while your blender automatically makes the perfect consistency blend.

Need some heart healthy smoothie recipes?  Check these out by fitness magazine.com.  Or take a look at these delicious smoothie recipes.

Also, when your blender arrives at your home, and you take it out of the packaging, you will see the model type or label on the machine.¬† Vitamix’s Reconditioned Standard Programs belongs to the C-Series.¬† So your blender may be the Professional 500 or 6300 Series.

For good measure, no matter which C-Series model you receive, you can guarantee optimal performance from these high-performance machines!

Most Importantly!¬† Last year, during this holiday sales event, Vitamix sold out on many of the available colors.¬† Keep this in mind.¬† If you came to our Green Smoothie Blenders site prior to Black Friday, do yourself a big favor and bookmark this page prior to this BIG SALES EVENT.¬† Nothing is worse when the blender you always wanted is “Out Of Stock!”

Don’t let this happen to you.¬† Get up early on the biggest sale day of the year and grab the blender you wanted at the lowest price possible.


Want even more Christmas and Holiday Deals? Then check out these top selling reconditioned blenders by Vitamix offered at super low prices.




Blendtec Holiday Deals

From November 15 thru Nov. 30th –¬† Get an extra $20.00 OFF Every Refurbished Blender already reduced!¬† No Coupon Code Necessary.¬† Just Click on the links below to start $aving!!

Blentec is doing it again this year on Black Friday.¬† All discounted Blendtec Refurbished Blenders are dropped an EXTRA‚ėÖ¬† $20.00 OFF the Original Sale Price + FREE Shipping‚ėÖ.

With very limited quantities available, you must jump on this sale early to reap the rewards on these high-performance blenders before they are “Sold Out.”


Blendtec Holiday Sales

Blendtec has 5 refurbished blenders to pick from with different color options available to compliment your kitchen decor.

Common Questions Many Blender Buyers Have

How do I get FREE Shipping?¬† I don’t see a promotion code for Blendtec as I do for Vitamix.

FREE Shipping is automatically added to your cart when you click on any of the blendtec links on this page during this Holiday & Black Friday Sales Event.  No promotion code is needed.  As for Vitamix, the promotion code 06-004806 is needed to get the Best Price plus FREE Shipping.  Just simply add it to your shopping cart during checkout.

Which Blender Should I buy?

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the perfect blender for your needs.  As a rule of thump, no matter which brand of blender you decide on, Vitamix or Blendtec, you will be totally happy with your selection.  Both companies offer a wide range of prices and choices.  Plus, read any review on the internet and you will find these are the Top-Blenders-of-Choice!

Who Offers The Best Warranty?

Both companies offer an incredible warranty period.  Vitamix offers a full 5yr warranty on their certified refurbished blenders.  This includes Free Shipping both ways if anything happens to the blender during the 5 years.  You can purchase an extra 3yr warranty from Vitamix for just $75 if you feel you want more security.

Blendtec has a full 7yr warranty on their refurbished blenders.

We Hope Your Christmas Was Merry & 2017 is  Filled with Great Health!

Go Get Yourself or a family member one of these Super Blenders and Start Living the Healthy Lifestyle You or Your Loved One Always Wanted.





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