Vitamix Refurbished – 2015 Best Price Plus FREE Shipping

Choose From 6 Vitamix Refurbished  Blender Models

Unbeatable Price on the Refurbished Vitamix plus Free Shipping Right Here! The Certified Reconditioned Vitamix blender makes owning this high-powered blender a lot more affordable, compared with opting for a brand-new unit. But you must choose only the ones that have been Certified Reconditioned by Vitamix.

This means these blenders passed the Quality Assurance at the Vitamix Factory and met the rigorous requirements of the company.

refurbished vitamix

Vitamix blenders are heavy-duty machines. Owning one will serve you well in your kitchen. But because of their hefty price tags, some people resist the urge to purchase one. However, through the existence of reconditioned Vitamix units, you can surely save a bunch of money while owning this versatile, durable brand.

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Does it have a warranty? You may ask. In addition to its affordable price, a Vitamix reconditioned unit still comes with a full 5-year warranty and all the goodies that comes with a brand-new unit.

How to order a Refurbished Vitamix blender?


You can purchase a reconditioned Vitamix unit from the official website of Vitamix.. What’s great about purchasing this type of unit direct from Viamix is the extra bonuses that come with the blender. Which is the same as you would get with one of their new blenders. Just add this Coupon Code (06-004806) in your Shopping Cart during checkout to receive FREE Shipping with any blender you choose!


Depending on which Refurbished Vitamix Blender you select will determines the type of bonuses you receive!

The bonuses can vary from free cookbooks to audio Cd’s where you can learn how to make the most delicious recipes, such as heart healthy green smoothies from professional chefs, with the same blender they are using.

With this in mind, you can obtain Vitamix 5200 refurbished Standard unit or refurbished Vitamix 7500 Next Generation series at a more affordable price. You can save up to $150 depending on the refurbished unit you want to obtain.

Although not all models of Vitamix have refurbished counterparts, this is still a wonderful opportunity for you to own one of the most durable blenders on the market without costing a lot of money.

What are the available Reconditioned Vitamix units online?

There are 6 different packages offered by the company for their refurbished units and every package includes a different class of blender.

reconditioned vitamix1) Certified Vitamix Reconditioned two-speed package includes the TurboBlend Two Speed and the Creations Turbo.

The Two Speed blenders include a unit that has 2-peak horsepower motor but it doesn’t have variable speed dial. This means you have a High/Low speed and an On/Off switch for the ease of simple operation.  No guess work on how to run these units!


vitamix reconditioned2)  Certified Reconditioned Standard Blenders - The lineup will include the Vitamix 5200 refurbished, CIA Professional Series, Professional Series 200, Creations GC, TurboBlend VS, and the Total Nutrition Center (Canada’s refurbished blender package). The Refurbished Standard Blender not only includes the two-speed package, but is also has the variable speed dial for precision blending.


certified reconditioned standard programs3)  Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs – The Vitamix Standard Programs is more advanced overall compared to the above two models.  With five different colors available you can be assured to find the perfect one for your kitchen.  Precise and worry free blending is the main features behind this package.  The 3 preset programs are for making smoothies, delicious soups, and refreshing frozen desserts.


certified reconditioned next generation4)  Certified Reconditioned Next Generation – Now you’re advancing to the 2.2 peak horse power motor with Vitamix Next Generation.  What’s unique is this increased horsepower from the 2-peak HP motor is actually quieter when running.  Many families find this model most ideal because of its low-profile design.  This model tucks away nicely right under your kitchen cabinets.


vitamix refurbished5) Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs – This is the elite model in the line-up of Vitamix Blenders.  The new Vitamix Pro 750 and the Pro Vitamix 750 refurbished includes the 2.2-peak HP motor and comes in three color options – (brushed stainless, black, and red).  As the most expensive and premier model available from Vitamix you can be sure this blender will give you the ultimate experience.


6refurbished vitamix s30)  Certifeid Reconditioned S30 -  Are you looking for a personal blender to make smaller batches of nutritious drinks you can take along to the gym?  Look no further!  Vitamix engineered the S30 blender just for that purpose.   The Vitamix S30 comes with both a 20 ounce and 40 ounce container making it a perfect match for those smaller recipes.



All packages mentioned above come with a new BPA-free container plus their added bonuses. As mentioned earlier, these blenders offer several color options which is ideal for you to match your kitchen decor.  There’s definitely a perfect blender available for you if having the ultimate blender at the best price possible is your desired goal!

For those who are interested in a blender just like the pros use,  Vitamix offers Refurbished Standard Programs models with pre-programmed settings, such as the Vitamix 6300 and Professional Series 500. The units included in this package come with smoothies, frozen, and hot soups pre-programmed settings, pulse toggle, as well as variable speed dial.

Can I obtain a Refurbished Vitamix 7500?

Yes, you can. It belongs to the refurbished next generation package of the company. It consists of Vitamix models with more powerful motor and performs quieter. These models will include the popular 7500 blender Professional Series 300, and the Creations Elite . In addition to the unit, you’ll also get a container, a tamper and a cookbook. The model units available in this package are equipped with a 2.2-peak horsepower motor. This means that you can make a smoothie in a matter of seconds.

The Refurbished Vitamix 750 model belongs to the next generation program of Vitamix known to give the user the highest quality culinary experience. This unit comes with a shorter, wider container. What’s great about this package is that it includes a tutorial that teaches you how to properly use and maintain this machine, as well as how to make the best smoothies using this blender.

Do Vitamix refurbished units come with free shipping?


Free shipping is only offered for U.S. and Canada residents. Apply this Coupon Code (06-004806) during your checkout process to receive Free Shipping on your purchase. Free shipping does not cover international shipment.


The amount of money you can save from purchasing a refurbished unit is significant. Whatever package you choose, you can be sure of superior quality offered by the company. For many years now, Vitamix has been one of the leaders in manufacturing the finest blenders on the market. They are also known to produce most-consistent results when it comes to taste and texture.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of a Reconditioned Vitamix unit. As previously mentioned in the video above, every Vitamix Refurbished Blender underwent a 17-point test to pass the stringent requirements of the company before the blender is labeled as a Certified Reconditioned Vitamix unit.

In addition, the Vitamix Quality Control Department runs two more tests before the blender is packed for shipment and delivered to your home free of charge!

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Start enjoying the numerous benefits of your very own Vitamix blender. Order yours today by clicking on the orange button below.