Blendtec Refurbished – 2015 Best Price On The Internet!

Is Blendtec refurbished blender a cheaper alternative to a brand-new unit?

Owning a high-powered Blendtec Refurbished blender means you need to shell out a significant amount of money.  But through the existence of a Blendtec Refurbished unit, you can now be the owner of a blending machine with power and speed without spending a fortune.

Choosing a heavy-duty machine like the Blendtec is one of the best decisions you will make if your looking to save time in your kitchen. This machine has more than enough power to deal with the toughest ingredients. It also comes with super fast blades that effortlessly blend whatever you add to the Blendtec Jar.

If you opt for a Refurbished Blendtec unit, you will still get the same swiftness and power of a new unit. But the cost will be  much less.

Blendtec offers 2 options on their refurbished blenders

1)  Total Blender Certified Refurbished

2)  Designer Series Certified Refurbished


-Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished-

blendtec refurbished


This blender brand new goes for $400. But you can get the refurbished price at around $280. Since it is a certified refurbished unit, you will get the full 7-year coverage being offered by the company which is the same warranty as a the brand-new units.

The Total Blender Certified Refurbished unit is one of the best blending machines in making smoothies, ice cream, milk shakes, etc. It has larger blade and jar to fulfill tougher blending tasks and complete larger recipes in less time and with ease.



-Designer Series Certified Refurbished-


designer series certified refurbished


The Designer Series gives you a more subtle design with its sleek and modern touch.  This is one of the most welcome blender models for many users because it has all the modern amenities you would expect in a high-end machine.

With blendtec’s 3.0 horsepower motor you can whip up anything you throw into this blender.  Equipped with preset blending cycles settings you can simply touch the desired icon and sit back and watch the magic happen.  Within less than a minute your family can be enjoying healthy smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables.


After you start using your Refurbished Blendtec blender,  and if you are one who uses it on a daily basis, perhaps making nutritious smoothies, homemade hot soups, or even ice cream,  you will not have to worry about it breaking down after using it hard.  This is because this type of blender is built with the highest quality materials that can last for a long time without any worries.

Another positive feature of the Refurbished Blendtec is the high quality standards Blendtec uses when they examine each machine.  Each refurbished blender goes through a meticulous quality control inspection before it it shipped to your home.    This way you can rest assure your blender will give you many years of culinary enjoyment.  Any Blendtec Blender that doesn’t meet the par gets disregarded.

Can I further get discounted rates through Blendtec deals?

Yes, you can. All Blendtec’s refurbished units are further made available at a more affordable price through a promo code so you can save on FREE Shipping. But you need to hurry up as promotion like this will only last for a short period of time or while supplies last. Keep in mind that there are so many people out there who are also on the lookout for refurbished Blendtec machines.


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The company usually offers great deals on holiday shopping seasons, like Black Friday, Christmas and President’s day. For instance, you could get an extra $40 off of the regular price of their selected refurbished models. Then, if you have a promo code, you can get free shipping!


What is the warranty coverage of a refurbished Blendtec machine?

Blendtec offers an iron-clad warranty of 7 years for its refurbished models.  Did you know Vitamix offers a 5 year warranty on their reconditioned models?  Blendtec gives you 2 extra years of insurance!

Can you purchase a Refurbished Blendtec made by a third-party?

This is one of the Blendtec deals that you can find online. It is still the same commercial-quality Blendtec machine. The only difference is that it has been reconditioned by a third-party and not by Blendtec itself.

You need to be wary of these types of Blendtec deals as the machines are heavily used. In fact, you can already see signs of wear and some cracks. Plus these refurbished blenders only come with a one-year warranty.

We recommend getting a Blendtec refurbished machine that has been reconditioned by the company itself. It is your best bet for a budget-friendly blending machine. In this way, you will not be making compromises.

This is your opportunity to own one of the most reliable blenders available.  Get your Refurbished Blendtec at a discounted price, by using the Blendtec promo code to get the best price online.  Don’t miss out on the super deal!  Click on the buy button below because the supplies won’t last that long.

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